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Now you see it, now you don’t – why university-business collaboration in the humanities goes unnoticed?

Did you think that scholars in the humanities don’t collaborate with companies in terms of their research? Well, you thought wrong – and so did I, before talking to Heidi Kinnunen, my colleague at the University of Helsinki Research Services. Turns out that this collaboration does exist, but it is usually not named as such, and that’s why it also often goes unnoticed – and uncompensated. The Helsinki business collaboration team – like their colleagues in universities around the world, nowadays – help researchers build successful research partnerships, mostly with companies. Their job is to support academics who wish to…

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Humanities and business – three steps towards bridging the gap

I believe you all heard of recent the trouble at Spotify? It started with vaccine misinformation but brought into bright daylight the platform’s tacit endorsement of racism and unfavorable treatment of content by Black artists, the company’s vague attempt to remedy the situation with money, and their stumbling approach to diversity in general. It also made glaringly obvious how badly prepared Spotify was to answer the public outrage that followed. It’s probably not much of a comfort for Spotify to know that they are hardly alone. A global movement for social justice has gradually brought issues of diversity, equity, and…

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