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Tag: boundary spanners

License to explore – my alt-ac story and three top tips for professional Fulbright applicants

I have been asked a lot about how I ended up here in the US, working on a project on practical humanities. A huge thank you for that opportunity goes to the Fulbright Finland Foundation that is giving me a license to explore a new topic of interest at this point in my career. For any professionals in Finland looking to tweak their job settings, I can warmly recommend the ASLA-Fulbright Mid-Career Professional Program – at the point of writing this, the next application round is about to open! Of course, the topic of practical humanities didn’t just appear out…

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Spanning boundaries agents – who are they and how to become one?

Imagine you are an academic working on hate speech. You realize that your research could change the way people interact online. But how do you get your work out there? Or imagine your company hosts a popular online platform that has gone rampant with attacks on migrant communities. You are painfully aware that you should take action. But what action and on what grounds? Spanning boundaries agents are intermediaries whose job it is to help solve these problems. One of the gaps that exist between academic research and its potential uses is the lack of networks connecting academia and business.…

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Uses of humanities research are many – too many to be counted

Interest in solutions to pressing societal challenges is hardly limited to academia. And solutions that have been developed in the academia are usually put into practice somewhere else – by policy makers, by public organizations and NGOs, or as part of a business enterprise. At the same time, current global challenges are so complex that most solutions to them will have their roots in academic research of some kind. In fact, the quality of the solutions often depends on it. So it matters that academic research gets out there. This applies to humanities as much as it applies to any…

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